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GWTeach cannot continue to create the next generation of great STEM teachers without your help! Please consider supporting us in one of the ways listed below.

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Thank you so much for your interest in donating to the GWTeach program. It is people like you who contribute to the next generation of STEM educators and meaningful STEM education for children in America.





Become a DCPS Mentor Teacher



Mentor Teachers are K-12 teachers at schools in the DC area which have a partnership with the university. During a given GW semester, a Mentor Teacher will supervise a GW student’s visit to a partner school to observe and teach a series of lessons.

When GW students teach, Mentor Teachers will guide students to develop lessons based on a provided STEM lesson topic, and desired performance objectives which are guided by a Mentor Teacher’s own teaching goals and curriculum. A Mentor Teacher will review the final lessons that the students have created, and provide feedback to adjust and improve their lesson before teaching in the classroom. The students, after developing these lessons, will then teach each lesson at the school, as the Mentor Teacher observes the teaching and provides written feedback to GW students. Mentor Teachers will ensure that GW students are supervised at all times. Interested teachers should contact [email protected].

Mentor Compensation

GW will pay a Mentor an honorarium of $150 for each teaching team (1-3 students per team) that a Mentor is assigned in a single GW semester. A Mentor will not be assigned more than six (6) students, and will not receive an honorarium of more than $900 in a single GW semester. GW will provide a training session for all new Mentor Teachers before they begin working with GW students. GW will pay honorariums to Mentors at the end of each GW semester, upon completion of services.


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