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While working towards their bachelor's degree, students take part in classroom field experiences under the mentorship of master teachers and classroom teachers. Students who complete all the GWTeach Program requirements earn a bachelors in their chosen STEM field, a minor in STEM teaching, and licensure as a middle or high school teacher in the District of Columbia.

GWTeach is modeled after the UTeach program, a nationwide program that started at the University of Texas, Austin which expects to produce more than 8,300 secondary math and science teachers by 2023. GWTeach's first two introductory courses Step 1 and Step 2 are open to all GW students at no tuition cost, providing students a pathway to explore teaching as a profession. Field components throughout the program allow students to gain teaching experience in real classrooms throughout Washington, DC.

Finally, GWTeach is a community. Within GWTeach you will meet long-lasting mentors, colleagues, and friends dedicated to lifelong learning who will support you both in and out of your college career.

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At Program Completion: Bachelors + Minor in STEM Teaching + Licensure as a middle or high school teacher

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