How to Get Started

Whether you are an incoming freshmen or a senior, we have suggested pathways of how to fit in all of the GWTeach courses before graduation.

GWTeach Curriculum Pathway

To sign up for the first course in the GWTeach sequence, GTCH 2003, visit the schedule of classes, click on “GWTeach," select “Step 1 and 2 Hybrid: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching and Lesson Design,” and find a time that works best for your class schedule. GTCH 2003 is offered every semester, satisfies an Oral Communication requirement, and allows you to experience teaching firsthand. If you aren't able to fit this course into your schedule this semester, but want to get started, please contact a GWTeach Advisor for a recommendation on another course that you can take now to get started.

If you have any questions about the program, email [email protected] or visit our office and student work room in Tompkins Hall, Suite 210.