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Current Students

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GWTeach is dedicated to supporting our current students; we understand how important a committed support system and community is for college students, and for teachers.

This page has opportunities for our current students which take the form of events and scholarships, contact information for advisors for further guidance through the program, hours for the GWTeach office and student work room (an exclusive study space for GWTeach students), as well as commonly requested forms.


GWTeach Office Hours

Monday 7am-7pm

Tuesday 7am-7pm

Wednesday 7am-7pm

Thursday 7am-7pm

Friday 7am-4pm

Location: Tompkins Hall 210

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dollar sign followed by a line | SCHOLARSHIPS

We have scholarships available to GWTeach students currently pursuing our minor, our minor with teaching certification, and those students who are planning on teaching after graduation.

​​​​​​Apprentice Teaching Scholarships are scholarships for $5,000 a year for students pursuing Teaching Certification. For more information, contact Mr. Zach Pekor at [email protected].

Financial Need Scholarships are scholarships for $10,000 a year for students pursuing the STEM Teaching Minor or the STEM Teaching Minor + Teacher Certification who have already completed a portion of the GWTeach curriculum, and who display financial need. For more information contact Mr. Zach Pekor at [email protected].

The Noyce scholarship is a scholarship for $20,000 a year for up to 2 years. This scholarship is for students pursuing a teaching certification, and for each year of funding the recipient will teach for 2 years in an underrepresented school. To learn more visit: the scholarship website or contact Mr. Larry Medsker at [email protected].


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