About GWTeach

Teaching STEM through GWTeach

"My hope is that this will inspire a renewed passion in math and science that will follow students not only in the classroom, but also to the boardroom, the think tank, the halls of government—whatever career path our students choose."

        - Dean Ben Vinson III, Spring 2015

Students in the GWTeach program gain the knowledge and skills needed for meaningful middle and high school teaching that makes a difference in young peoples’ lives. The program is grounded in the belief that teaching adolescent students is socially significant, intellectually serious work for resourceful, intelligent, and caring professionals. Through a range of planned experiences, students from various backgrounds have the opportunity to become educators with a strong sense of student-centered and community-based teaching and are empowered to become educational leaders.

GWTeach students learn effective teaching practices through unique teaching and learning experiences including:

Community Engagement

Students learn how to create meaningful learning experiences that are determined by, and build upon, the needs of adolescents and the communities in which they live. A special focus on community-engaged teaching provides experiences developed in collaboration with urban and suburban schools, as well as out-of-school community-based organizations.

Discipline-Based Teaching

As experienced professionals or recent college graduates, students use their disciplinary expertise as a starting point for constructing their knowledge for teaching. A student may focus their studies on Mathematics, Sciences (biology, chemistry, computer science, and physics), or Engineering


By integrating the study of research and theory with school-based experiences in actual middle and high school classrooms, students have the opportunity to reflect on what works in contemporary school settings as they move toward the kind of teaching and teacher-leadership roles needed in the schools of the future.

Reach us at gwteach@gwu.edu or 202-994-2823